How can I attach dynamic chain mesh at both ends?

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to do something which is essentially just like having a character being able to use a skipping rope with a physics dynamic rope attached at both ends to the characters’ both hands.

So far I have it working with the rope connected to one hand and jiggling around in its merry physical way. Great.
But I have not managed to figure out how to connect the other end to the other hand. And that’s what I am asking if anyone know how to do?

The setup I currently have is this:

I have parented the separate chain-skeleton-mesh under the main character mesh. This chain mesh is also attached to a socket created at the characters’ right hand.
In blue print I start the set simulate physics bodies after the first joint that is the one I attach to the hand.

This works fine when I play.

Then I thought I could also disable the physics(set to kinematic) the end/tip joint and
make an anim blueprint for the chain mesh itself and in this blueprint use a transform bone node to force the movement on the this other side end joint to the socket position of the other hand.

Like this:

But this does not seem to work.

Would anyone know how to do this or have any ideas of things I should try?


It seems to sort of work of i first disable physics for the tip joint(s). Which makes sense.
The simulation itself is very unstable though. Even with damping turned up.

This kind of thing can end up taking a long time to work out and be very hard to get behaving as I would like it to.

Please if anyone has got this kind of setup behaving nicely let me know and I’ll preserver. :slight_smile:


Did you solve this ?