How can i attach an actor (item) to a moving static mesh (moving platform)?

Hi all, i want to have an item which is placed on a moving platform,moving with the platform instead of staying where i have placed it after the platform moves.
Is it possible to do that ? I have only seen posts so far with attaching actors to skeletal meshes but i need to attatch the actor to a moving static mesh.

I think it is possible. Just use the Attach Actor to Actor, set the Target and parent, and it should work.

Thanks for answering my question
A while ago i have seen the climbing blueprints,which you where making at this time,pretty awesome stuff.
I myself love everything which has to do with fast movement and new unique movementways to traverse an environment.

I have a further question and i think you are exactly the right person for answering this one.
But if you don’t have time to think about it , its also totally ok :wink:

So here is my blueprint problem:

The curved moving walkway:

Im trying to implement a curved moving walkway.
I have managed to implement a linear moving walkway where you can stand onto it an get carried around the level like the one you would find on an airport.
But now i need it to have a curved form,which means it should sit on top of a circular disc/donut shape and taking you around in the circle.
Maybe with a spline component lying over the walkway and a triggervolume around the curved walkway which gets the tangential vector of the spline on this
place and then delivers the force to the player in this direction.But how to implement it **most cost effective **?

The skyrail:

Beside of that i want to implement 6 meters above the curved walkway a curved rail,where i can jump onto it,like the “skyrail” of the game “bioshock infinite”,and grind along while grabbing a handle ,which travels along under the rail, hanging on it under the rail and moving along with it. Maybe also using a splinecomponent and timeline after hitting the event triggerbox volume, but im pretty new into blueprints and don’t know so much about it jet,do you have any ideas?


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