How can I apply modeling (SpaceDeform) to all of the LODs?


After watching the Medieval Game Environment tutorial from Quixel, I was inspired to try out the modeling tools in UE on assets from Quixel, Megascans.

I loaded in an asset (a beam) and deformed it so that it looked bent. I was really happy with how it looked, but then, when I moved further away from the asset, it changed back to it’s original mesh (a straight beam). If I force the LOD to be 1 instead of 0 (automatic), the bent shape is applied no matter how far away I move. However, I don’t know if forcing the LOD is a very smart way to fix the problem - in terms of resource use (?).

Is there a way to apply the modeling (SpaceDeform) to all of the LODs of an asset simultaneously?

  • I’m new to this, so I’m hoping this isn’t a terribly stupid question…

Couldn’t find any way of doing it either.
What I ended up doing was, instead of using the megascans LODs, I generated LODs directly in the UE StaticMesh editor.
Then it works, because the LODs end up referencing the same LOD0.