How can I animate this simple actor to be more affective?

I have dragonfly made out of cubes. It consists of 8 shapes for wings and a tale and all. very simple. It sets in place and flaps his wings. Upon entry of an attached trigger box he will turn and face the player and then head towards them.


I’d like to see how other people set up vector math to have it possibly…flying around a certain area…slowly rotating to the direction it needs to go next…then moving a certain amount… switching…and all that jazz.
THEN once triggered and told to attack play…I’\d like to tell it to maybe dash left and right and face a certain direction…maybe then head towards the character a little…maybe dash again…

Is all of this type of stuff setup in UNREAL?? I figured it would be buty…I’m not a PRO at all…\I wasn’t sure if someone could help or point me in the direstion of learning how to take a simple Static mesh and move it around and rotate more specifically based on the player.

any help would be great thanks.

Yeah ok so…

Yes, all of this stuff is amazingly simple in UE4. What you want is to set your character up properly - with an animation blueprint. The animation state machine will allow you to trigger the right animations at the right time.

I would also suggest creating a simple behaviour tree for this enemy. All of this information is on Youtube, mostly from the official channel.

In general you can think about it like this - the AI decides where the character will go, and if it attacks etc. it will then set certain variables in your animation blueprint. The state machine in the same blueprint will then interpret the variables and play the right animation based on them.

it’s a lot to get your head round, but you’ll get it very quickly as it’s all very intuitive. Once you do you’ll find the systems very simple and very powerful. If you have more specific questions feel free to ask!

Worded wonderfully. Thank you!