how can I animate 2d character in sequencer


I have 2d character which have several flipbooks like idle, run, attack … and I need to change between this flipbooks in the sequencer but i cant find any way.
please help , and thanks

I have also same problem, any solution or idea?

You can use the “Event” track in sequencer.

  1. Just add custom event with
    “FlipBook” input into your level
    blueprint and add “set flipbook”
    node to event.
  2. Create a structure
    with one variable “NewFlipBook” and
    with “Paper FlipBook Object ref”
  3. Then in sequencer add a key,
    click right mouse button on it and
    change properties.
  4. Set event name,
    struct for variables, flipbook for
  5. And run the sequence
    in game.

Unfortunally this method crashes the engine and whole system :frowning: