How can i allow the user to replace sounds on a packed build ?

I want the user to be able to replace the built in sounds, so the sounds will be in a certain folder, and he will be able to use an other sound file with the same name and it will just work.
Example : gameFolder\sounds\fire.wav can be replaced with an other sound file named fire.wav.
Is it possible ? I know Epic gives the source code so i’m pretty sure this is possible.


I think Rama had a plugin that did something similar with textures. Perhaps you can extend from that?

Yeah i know he did, this is why i think this is possible as well, i do need to learn exactly how he did it, i’m pretty new to c++, i guess i will have to dig into it, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

We might end up doing something similar, if we decide to tackle it I will keep everyone updated. Perhaps a plugin that makes (almost) every asset available for streaming.

That would be awesome ! :smiley:

If you’re doing it for PC, just don’t package the game into a .pak file. I haven’t tested it, but it should work where if they drop the new sound files in with the same name (maybe format too) that it’ll load them right up.
It worked with a lot of older Unreal Engine versions, don’t see why it wouldn’t with this one. Especially since you can see some of the dust building in this code base, haha.

OMG haven’t thought about it! i will give it a try hehe XD
I will update here about how it went.

KK, this is like copying the whole project hehe, i don’t know if i want to give a way that much, however, if i do, how can i make a gamer to know what to do with all those uasset files ? i want the user to be able to just drag files over there and use them. is there a way to modify these files out of the unreal engine 4 editor ?

Edit: I’v just checked it, all the uassets files that are exported that way are not usable in the editor.
First, i tried to open the project file to open the project, it failed because it couldn’t compile some dll.
After, i imported the assets to a new projects, and i can’t even see the files in the editor, only the folders hierarchy, and the maps won’t open, it says that they were saved with newer version of the engine ( which is just a way to say “can’t open it” lol ).
So this idea wen’t down i guess, now i need to find a way to access audio files like i wanted at the beginning of this thread, however, it was a learning experience :slight_smile: