How can I adjust the size of my Imported FBX?

I am importing some models that I purchased from an artist as .fbx files. When I import them, they are very small. The artist said to take them into 3ds max or blender to fix this via a re-export, and that’s okay… but is there another way I could simply set them to a default scale size in Unreal?

I tried to adjust the Build Scale when you double-click on the mesh to get the mesh options, but the texture becomes incredibly blurry.

For anyone who’s curious: Edit mesh, build settings, unroll to maximum, set the scale and save it.

Yes, you’ve got it. The ideal way is to export your model from your modeling app in cm scale so it’s 1:1 with Unreal but if you don’t have access to source art, changing the build settings on the static mesh is a good alternative.

Thanks for the confirmation, Warren! :slight_smile:


Depends where you export FBX…
3DS Max export FBX → there is setting Advanced Settings → Units. That makes some scaling.
Example i got house with metric units made, so 1 meter is 1 meter.
When i export it out of 3DS Max i set scale factory for centimeters and that seems to fit just right in UE4…

In Blender, when you export and give name of file.
There is lower left corner scale setting field.

Most common times when i have exported stuff out and imported it some game engine with FBX there is scale rate something like 0.01 so if you put scale like 100 should be close enough…
Exporting Blender you need to apply Scale, before export.

Crtl + A = apply scale.

I appreciate your reply. I know how to do it in a 3rd party program, but I wanted to know how to do it within Unreal, as I mentioned in my question. I posted a solution in the comments.

had the same problem, yours worked like a charm.

Bit of an old thread - but export your asset. Right click on asset, select assert actions->export. Rename the asset and import. You get options to change the scale on import, so change the scale that way.

I cannot seem to find this option? I am using 4.15 and I want to default a bunch of meshes to be twice the size (2.0, 2.0, 2.0). I can find the Build Scale inputs on for the static mesh, but when I updated it and save the mesh, nothing has changed. I drag another copy out into the world and they are the same size??
What am I doing wrong here? It’s annoying to think that at this point (4.16 current) that this is still not as easy as it should be to change the default scale of a mesh in UE4 without having to take every mesh into a 3rd party program to scale them one by one. For example, I have somewhere in the vicinity of 6000 meshes that need to be doubled in size. Why is this not easy to do?

This is how you move pivot point permanently:

  1. Move the Pivot point where you want first: Select object - Right Click - Pivot - Set Pivot Offset Here. DO NOT UNSELECT.
  2. Set the new Pivot point permanently: Right Click - Pivot - Set as Pivot Offset

It is now set permanently in the new position that you want