How can I add splash screen?

I am very beginner and I found not a tutorial about splash screen. I want add my logo in splash screen but I don’t know how can I do this.

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You can add custom splash in Project Setting


Thank you very much.

its realy simple first if you already have the photo in your hard drive just click on the yellow arrow on the right side of where it says Game splash and then it’ll give you the option of where the photo is currently stored at. Once thats done itll load up when start your game up at the very beginning. If theres anything else you need help with let me know. Im pretty much in the same boat as you because im new to unreal but not that knew ive been using unreal for the past 3 months :slight_smile:

Just make sure it is sized to 200 x 600 dimensions and .png format

It can be any dimension and any image format

Oddly enough, on 4.20 Mac the only splash screen format alowed by the picker is .BMP. (Which is a horrible Windows 1.0 format from 1987 to begin with, let alone not native to Mac). - UE4 can be so Windows centric sometimes. It’s Epic.

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It can be on your SSD(s) too, but I see what you mean.

Ya so sad I guess it’s time to switch to windows