How can I add left/right movement input to a Pawn?


I am using 4.9 to create a game in which you are steering a little float down some water rapids.

For this I have used a Pawn as the character, and to get it to move forward ‘add force’ is working fine, however I have looked at some tutorials, and other people seem to use ‘Add Torque’ to get some sort of steering left/right controls, this just wont work for me, I need the pawn to move a clear left and right…

Someone please help as this is getting the better of me!

If you want to continue moving using force, just change the direction of the force to perpendicular to your moving direction.

e.g. you could use the get right vector on either the scene component or the actor and then multiply that by a positive 1.0 for Right and -1.0 for left and pass that into add force.

In general however movement is handled using Input Mapping and the add movement input node.

You genius, it was right there in front of me, I just couldn’t see it!

This works perfectly. Thank you very much!

For anyone else with the same problem, I have attached my blueprint: