How can I add Joining Server/Creating Server screen while JoinSessions/OpenLevel

Hello there!

How can I add to my game an animated widget or a video, somekind of Loading Screen, as Host when a player creates a session and OpenLevel node is executed and as Client when Joins a Session found?

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What I mean is that I want to create a “Joining Server” animated screen with music meanwhile you, as client, are joining a session from a Server over LAN or Steam. As far as I know, persistent levels, streaming levels are not working here.

So right now, you press Find Sessions and get a list of servers. Press over the server and you join that match. While the map of the server is being loaded and while you join the match, the image on your screen freeze until it finish loading and joining. Instead of that I would like to add some animated stuff and maybe a music.

Hi Gon,

I think level streaming should work for this. You can load the first level while the player sits at the main menu in the background. Then add that first level when the player selects it and play some kind of loading video / music etc before you transition the player. This is more work but if you want there to be no freezes it’s probably your best bet. Adding and playing video: How to display a VIDEO in UNREAL ENGINE 4 (Updated) - YouTube Level Streaming:

I personally use a background blur and a loading widget and I add it to player viewport right before i call join level / server travel etc. I will link a youtube video showing how to add anything you are looking for using widgets.
Load Screen Widgets : Creating Loading Screens - #50 Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorial Series - YouTube