How can I add constraints to my robot IK rig?

I’m in the progress of trying to create an ik rig for a robot arm.
The Two Bone IK works fine, however when I move the pole (joint target) or effector to the sides, the ‘knee’ hinge breaks (see images).

In Blender I can fix this by adding constraining modifiers, so the upper and lower leg always ‘point’ in the right direction so that the joint won’t appear to be broken (images attached).

In UE4 however, I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. I’m figuring I may want to do something that’s just not possible.

I have tried the Constraint Node, as well as the Apply Limits node, but no luck so far in getting anywhere.
Any ideas or help on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated!

Have you found solution?