How can i add collision to starter prop door?

Hi people, I have two issues:

1)I can’t go through the starter prop door frame because is to narrow but if I edit the character scale that seems to change his mobility, seems to slow down and keeps moving when i’m not pressing any key.
2)On the other hand, it’s impossible to enable the collision for the starter prop door, I tried to enable the “collision simple” option, also “movable” and I continue to go through the door. The strange thing is that when I see other static meshes I see that the collision option is not activated, however when I hit them I do not pass through them, so i’m very confused…

Make sure collision is enabled on both objects (Character Capsule Component & Door) and that collision is set to block on both.

Press Alt + C in the editor to enable collision view to ensure that a collision component is indeed active

Hope it helps

Solved! I just needed to add “box simplified collision” to the door. Thanks!