How can I add angular constraints on my joints for the FABRIK node?

I set up my skeleton to be animated via the FABRIK nodes, so that all legs and arms are pointed towards 4 different transforms. However, the algorithm simply sees the limbs as chains, and creates very unrealistic poses. I have been looking everywhere for this, but no one seems to explain how I can add joint angles on my skeleton, so that the FABRIK node respects them…

Help would be greatly appreciated!!

PS: Here’s an example! It shouldn’t look like this, should it?

Well, here’s the solution:

I found the dev who contributed the FABRIK implementation on reddit and contacted him. He/she
confirmed that there are no joint limits implemented for the FABRIK node, even though the
theoretical algorithm describes a way of doing so.

Consequently, anyone using the FABRIK node will have to implement joint limits or constraints
him/herself. The paper on this algorithm can be found here: