How can I add Android option to my project settings?

Recently I installed Unreal Engine 4.9 and NVIDIA AndroidWorks 1R2 in order do develop my own game and publish it through Google Play when the game will be ready. Unreal Engine is a fantastic and quite easy to use tool. There are a lot of tutorials and discussions, so I didn’t see any big problems in the developing the game itself.

The first really hard problem I encountered - is the absence of Android in my project settings (only Linux and iOS present there). Also, the Editor is unable to see my Android device in build options (even though development mode on the device is turned ON, and “adb devices” command in terminal shows the connected device)… So, basically I’m developing the game for Android platform and have no way to see if it can be built or run on Android device.

What should I do to solve the problem?

Well, I tried, but couldn’t resolve the problem myself. Decided to use Windows instead of Linux to aviod such problems in the future.

I believe I should close this question.

Just wanted to add: I’m really happy with Unreal Engine 4, no matter I couldn’t use it on Linux :slight_smile: