How can I add a splitter widget in a Editor Utility Widget blueprint


I’d like to add a splitter widget between two boxes that a user could resize within a Editor Utility Widget, but I can’t find something that looks like this from what is provided right now.

I put a silly example in attachments if that’s not clear.

Also, this class in Slate documentation looks like what I need so I put it here for the example as well but I’m not familiar at all with Slate and I don’t know how or if the two systems ar interwined.…ter/index.html

How can I achieve to have something like this ? Thank you!

Hi again !

So I started to make this widget myself since I couldn’t find a look alike within what’s provided but now I’m struggling with capturing mouse event.

I’d like to be able to track On Mouse Button Up event even when mouse is out of viewport and widget doesn’t have any focus but struggling to do so. Any suggestions ?

I’m completely inexperienced in this, but my best guess (since you’re just recreating the widget) would be to look at the engine files for editor utility widgets. See if/how it handles OnMouseButtonUp for out-of-viewport focus.