How can I add a "pause" to my character's movement after landing?

I have successfully added animations for idle, walk, run, jump start, loop, and jump land, but my character is able to slide across the ground as the landing animation is still playing. If at all possible, I would like to add recovery time, or a “pause” to the land. I looked and saw only one question asking the same thing from 2014. There were two answers, though neither worked for me, and neither had been marked as the solution either.

If I understand you correctly you want the player to not provide movement input while the animation is playing? The easiest way is just to disable input with something like this.

The anim notifies being provided by the state machine. This however disables all input, you might want to set something up that just disables specific inputs related to movement but hopefully this points you in the right direction.

Thanks for the reply. One problem though. I don’t have any “AnimNotify” nodes at all. I have a working blueprint and state machine, seeing as I have animations playing just fine. Any idea why I might not have them?

The AnimNotify Events in the above image are custom Event Dispatchers.

Go to your BP, and Create a new Event Dispatcher

So after making a couple custom events and naming them similarly to what you showed, I’ve messed around and still be unsuccessful. My character can still slide around as the “land” animation plays. I’ve deleted and restarted or even rerouted my nodes over and over to no effect.

Ok here is a step by step tutorial on one way of creating anim notifies. I’m using the 3rd person example template so your project may appear different to this.

  1. Open the default state machine inside the characters animation blueprint.


  1. Select the state that you want to add an anim notify to, in this case we are using jump start.

  1. Select the state that you want to put your next anim notify on.

  1. Now after you compile you will have access to these anim notifies in the event graph.

  1. Now you have access to what I showed before.

If you need more help with anim notifies or other ways to use or get access to them I suggest you check out the official tutorials from epic.


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