How can I add a new event node without using the current one there?

I keep trying to add a new ‘Event ActorBeginOverlap’ node but it never works. It’s just taking me to the one that’s already there when I want to add a new one. I was just following a tutorial when that happened. Please help me.

You can have only one node of that type per actor. If you want to trigger more than one execution wire, either daisy chain the nodes or use a sequence:


The tutorial surely does not have multiple Events ActorBeginOverlap

Maybe you are looking for OnComponentBeginOverlap for any of your components? You can set up multiple Actor Components with collision and they all have their own OnComponentBeginOverlap event. Notice, the name is slightly different and the event is context sensitive to selected Actor Component.

If you are sure that you need OnActorBeginOverlap, then you can only have one such event per Blueprint. Try using Sequence node, Custom Events and/or just putting your nodes one after another in correct order to do multiple different things with this event.

Also, can you comment link to the tutorial, so we can help you with it more.

I also wanted to know the answer, and i get some idea from here [][1] thank you.