How can I add a Material to Procedural Mesh?

I have followed the Procedural Mesh Generation tutorial on the wiki. Now I was wondering how I would go about setting it up that it can accept a material. Are there any places I should be looking in the source for an example?


well first of all you need UVs

I wrote up the code here:


setting the material itself is easy!

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I cannot believe I am going to admit this, but here goes. I had that thread open in one of my tabs, and for some reason it did not go past the picture of the generated mesh. Maybe it required a refresh… I don’t know. But either way thank you so much for all the work, and for sharing. This community has a very approachable feel to it, which is awesome.

Hi JohnnyBeans78. It sounds as though you were able to resolve the issue you were experiencing. If so, please click the check mark for this answer to indicate that your question has been resolved (or you can post a comment to confirm that everything is working and I can take care of marking your question as resolved).

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I have one more question, and please let me know if I should ask it in a separate question. How do I get “TheMaterial”. After adding the UVs now my procedural “Quad” in my case is showing the checker board texture. But I cannot change the texture in the editor. Being that I only want one material on all the quads I create it would be ok if I cannot change them in the editor, but I would like to be able to create the material in the editor, then assign it in code (or BP).
Edit: I am going to create a new question as it is only fair and I believe I can word it in a way that it might be more helpful to others searching for similar info.