How can I add a HUD-type element IN-Editor?

Hi, Is it possible to add a floating hud element in the editor? It must be possible, as the fps counter can be shown, and the move/snap tools are essentially an element themselves…

you can use the widget reflector to see what widget those editor buttons are made from. so SEditorViewport seems like it might be important for what you want to do, so maybe take a look at the source for SEditorViewport :: MakeViewportToolbar.

i don’t know much about changing the editor, but this guy does:

Many thanks! Will take a look.

FPS counter is printed using HUD canvas not Slate and it not part of editor code as it exists in packaged game too, in fact it is leftover from UE3

Hi, thanks! So I can use HUD canvas in editor? Could you point me in the direction of an example please?

Aha, I have discovered this which works for me.

Thank you @anonymous_user_f5a50610 for putting me on the right rack with HUD Canvas.

By looks of it “stat fps” and other stat commads displays are part of statgroups which apper in profiler, but i’m not sure how to make them draw in editor, here oyu have example how to make stat gorup:

I find the way to attack to “show” command but it seems oyu can create your own show flags, you can only add elements to it

Thank you ! Much appreciated.