How can I activate an Anim Trail in my Pawn Blueprint from a Level Blueprint?

I am trying to do an easter egg in my game.
I want the player to be able to pick up a collectible that will trigger a rainbow Anim Trail. (Tribute to Nyan cat)
So far it works perfectly if I set it up directly as an Anim Notify State > Trail.

However, I wish to call it from a blueprint I and I can,t quite figure out how to do it.
I’ve read and applied the documentation but my trail still won’t work.

Here are the sockets I wish to use to create a trail between them.

Here I hook up the particle emitters as child to my skeletal mesh in the Pawn class

Here I try to activate them using a simple trigger volume and referencing my Pawn Blueprint in order to get the Rainbow Trail actor.

Any idea as to why this simple task doesn’t compute?

I found the solution to my problem.
Since I don’t have a programmer’s background, I didn’t know I had to initialize my variable in order to use it.

Here in my persistent level, I initialize my variable and start up the anim trail event (Begin Rainbow)

These are the events controlling the visibility of the trail in my Pawn

Here I set a condition for the Rainbow On event. The character has to have overlapped with the collectable.

For some unknown reason, the appearance of the trails take a really long time to show. Sometimes I have to bounce in my collectible volume for a minute in order for them to show. Any idea as to why it is not instant?