How can I activate a particle group via a timer?

What type of emitter do you use? Is it a simultaneous burst or is it supposed to be working for some time?

If former, you can set Auto Activate to False, and it won’t emit anything when the game starts, and then you can use the Activate node for the particle system (I believe it’s called the same for Cascade and Niagara).

If latter, you can set the Spawn Rate to 0 and make it a parameter (in Cascade) or Read From New User Parameter (for Niagara), and then after delay just set the Spawn Rate to something bigger than 0; (You can probably do the same as in the first example, just set it to Inactive and activate later).

Both can be done using a trigger volume.

So I have a UFO in my scene I want to have hidden after its animation is played via a group of smoke emitters creating a cloud. I want to activate them after a delay. This is for a simple point and click game I’m working on. So I’m using the top down template for mouse click move controls. However not entirely got my blend space working for that.
I have my ufo animation play once no looping. All my emitters are ready to just be told to turn on after a delay I just have no idea how to set them on a delay. I have two weeks left then I’m done college and plan to do so much more but I really would like this cloud to activate after my animation has played through via a delay its in the sky as I have no idea how a trigger volume would even work there. I could maybe use a matinee but other then that I really do not know.

I beleive its the steam emitter from the starter pack. I can’t use a trigger box as its in the sky and my player is point and click on the ground to move using the top down template. Forgive me its been awhile since I used blue print I been modeling everything in maya and just tossing it into unreal and a few animations that I finally got working in unreal. Its simple I have like 127 steam particles I want delayed by like 4 seconds so they hide my ufo after its done its brief flying animation. So it would appear to turn into a could of steam. That is my idea anyways. I tried making a cloud in maya but that didn’t exactly turn out so good then a friend reminded me there are starter pack particles cause I also tried making me own but the tut for that was so out of date I couldn’t even find the particle mat that they used. So scene starts ufo flies then turns into a cloud of steam. It does not repeat only happens once then stays a cloud of steam and is not in any of the rest of my demo.
Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m like really noob at blue print references and google hasn’t been the best friend to ask stuff to either.
If you can link me to examples on yt or something that would help me alot. I may not be sleeping wicked ice storm coming so I might not have class today. I don’t know.