How can I access WebInterface on packaged project?

Hello. I am having issues accessing webinterface on my packaged. Basically I can access the webinterface on the project when UE5 is opened.

Things I have done:

  1. Added -RCWebControlEnable -RCWebInterfaceEnable on a shortcut file of the packaged project
  2. Nothing more yet. Will update if I test other things.

Not sure how will I access it. Does the url changes or something.

Hi, did you ever get this solved? I’m having the same issue, added that to the shortcut but can’t connect.

Can you break things down for me? I tried many methods on this so maybe you need a specific one. Like A LOT.

I need to know if:

  1. What do you mean but not connecting, do you see it exactly not connecting?
  2. What exactly is your plan of usage? How will you use the web controller?
  3. Do you get your error when you try view the controller?

Its kind of blurry how I actually solved it so maybe knowing what you try to do will help me.