How can I access to gametype


I’m totally new to UE4. Want to play with blueprints.

When I create a new project, I select 3rd person template blueprint. I believe that the game type, pawn class, sounds, character animsets all are set by blueprints. If that so, I could access and edit the blueprints graph of the map. How can I access them? When I go to blueprint, I see empty graph. So how do I edit the blueprint that defines the gametype?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Did you mean “GameMode”?
If so, in editor when you edit a level, you can click “World Settings” and there is a “GameMode Override”.
And in Menu->Edit->Project Settings->Maps & Modes, you can set default maps and default GameMode.

if you wanna put code in the Gamemode you can create a new blueprint and extend from gamemode. After you can do as tell you PenguinTD .

Thanks for the reply. Is there any documentation or any short tutorial or screenshot of blueprint structure to create a simple 3rd person game mode just like the template?

I found the video playlist on the youtube but it’s too long to sit and watch. Is there any documentation to rebuilt a 3rd person game mode?

did you mean by creating a 3rd person game like the template as game mode?
If so I think you kinda misunderstand the difference between the idea between GameMode and control type( first/third person, side scroller, fly etc.)

A GameMode is more like, deathmatch, turn based battle, involving rules of the game, not how you view or control things provided by the game.

Yes that’s what I mean. Control type. I didn’t know this.

As I said I’m new to UE4. In UE3, we had to make gametypes and that had all the data like game mode/ controller/ camera etc. So I was in that old theory :rolleyes:

So please tell me if there is any documentation to make a 3rd person game through blueprints.

if you check the 3rd person template, and see how the blueprint “MyCharacter” is setup, it should give you a pretty decent overview. Epic didn’t hide anything in that template.
(well, the movement is in C++, but other then that the camera setup and things are in blueprint. )

Hi Sohan,

Check out this video tutorial set about making a 3rd person game in blueprints: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums