How can i access my bluprint native code

hey i have been scripting in blueprint for my game. I was wondering if i could see the C++ version of this code because someone said that i can access it by changing some options in the project setting or something like that. Can it be done. Need to know ASAP! thanks guys

They lied.

Unfortunately you cannot do that. From the Unreal editor, you can only access the code of the functions that you wrote in a C++ project.

Indirectly you can access the code of other functions by manually searching them in the Engine source - if you want to find out, how the function works but you cannot change them without manually rebuilding the Engine but don’t do that - changing the Engine is generally not a good idea.

You can also view the descriptive language behind the Blueprint nodes by copying the blueprint nodes into any text editor but that only gives you information about the nodes layout, not the functionality.