How can i access level blueprint custom event in a class BP?

I Can access class bp custom events in level blueprints, but i CANT access level blueprint custom events in class blueprints. I’m trying to make a hunger system. i set up a raytrace in my MyCharacter Blueprint to cast to my APPLE blueprint, when i press E i fire my trace to the custom event in my apple blueprint to make a sound and cast to my HUNGER SYSTEM Bluepint to add 5 points to my hunger system. but it won’t work. pelase help/

I’m really confused as to what you’re talking about as your terminology is all mixed up and your explanation doesn’t make a huge amount of sense.

I’m assuming you have a character blueprint that you want to interact with an apple blueprint that is placed in the world - not that you want the character blueprint to interact with the level blueprint. I’m also guessing that you’re using a trace to determine line of sight / range / whatever to the apple from the character (‘trace to the custom event’?).

If so, there shouldn’t be a problem - if your trace is returning an actor, cast it to the apple blueprint type. If this succeeds, the trace indeed did hit an apple, and you can do whatever else you need to do. If it fails, it did not hit an apple, and if you expected that it should, you may want to investigate why.

Level Blueprints are not Actors. They are like a ‘director’. They tell Actors what to do, but Actors can’t tell them anything. If your methods need comunication with actors you should build them in Controller or other player dependant blueprints.

I’m just trying to access level blueprint custom events in class blueprints. that is all.

If you’re trying to trigger an event that is in the level blueprint, it’s likely your approach is far from ideal. From your description I can see no reason why the level blueprint should be involved, you should only need a character blueprint, an apple blueprint and potentially a hunger system blueprint, though the hunger system should probably be a part of the character,

Why are you trying to access a level blueprint?

Okay, listen. I Just added the hunger system to my character. i created a custom event in my character blueprint, and idk how to access it from my apple blueprint.

Here: - YouTube

I have similar problem, I need to switch between world cameras and effect level wide material through button clicks in interface. I can´t access them anywhere else but level blueprint, but if I can´t create custom event like that (reference to level blueprint in interface bp) how I am suppose to do that?

and what I should do if what I need to change is not character / controller specific but really level wide change?

You need to use an event dispatcher

link text

This question is over a year old and was resolved by not using the level blueprint as it wasn’t needed.

Oh right, well Id been looking for a solution to communication problem between class to level blueprints for a whole day and was surprised that I couldn’t find any solutions other than work arounds for each specific case, so when I found an answer I looked up all my previous results and posted it just in case someone else with the same problem finds the same posts I did.

For me it was useful, please don’t be negative with the people who are trying to help.