How can a SuggestProjectileVelocity return false with 'Do Not Trace' set?

I am trying to use SuggestProjectileVelocity but I could not make it to return true at any time at all, sadly.

No matter what values I use for Start Location and End Location (also making sure they are not the same actually), it will never find a possible route. Can anyone confirm that this is working with his setup and what values were used so I can try to recreate the situation? This would greatly help debugging this as I’m completely at loss.

There are quite some other questions here about that blueprint but most people seem to end up just working around it.


It seems that this is due this being a float value as it often overflows.
Changing to double should solve this issue (I calculated it and got values like 68359873171.992187 when using a double but negative values when using float.)

Thank you for posting the workaround, it has saved me time debugging why SuggestProjectileVelocity keeps failing!

I have an issue with this method too. Unless I supply the trace parameter, it returns false for most frames. If I supply any trace parameter it gives the correct value every frame.

I’ve raised a bug report here: