How can a sequence control the value/position of a slider in UI?

How can a sequence control the value/position of a slider in UI?
Below is the blueprint, and it does not work, does anyone know what i can do to make it work?

Event Graph

Slider binding to GetValue

This is a test I just did about how to get a Sequence current time from a widget.
There are always a lot of ways of doing the same. I dont say this is the best.
It’s just a way that works:

  1. create a gamemode and add a dispatcher with a float value:


I put my gamemode as the level Gamemode:


In the mailn level blueprint :

Begin play: create the widget, add to viewport and store my gamemode in a variable

on the ticker:

I get the sequencer from the level (I set it to loop and autoplay just for testing)
get the time and call the dispatcher from gamemode:

this is the widget just a test text object in the middle of the screen:

What I do is bind the gamemode dispatch so it can receive when triggered

the code of the widget:

results: time in the widget updated

Hope it helps in your case


Thank You!

The Event Tick made it work for me, the way i wanted

Slider binding to GetValue

Slider that is controlling a progressbar to display time

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How do we use a slider widget to scrub through a sequence?

starting with this

but tieing the controls to the sequence?


using a camera rail and just tieing the slider to the rail position?