how can 2 bleprints chat?

Hi all…
I have this 2 blueprints and i need that the first after he stop works made a widget disappear that he found in another blueprints…how i can do?
This the blueprint that spawn the widget generatori
And here i would to remove the widget

This really depends on your situation, how many “Stazione” blueprints do you have spawned? If it is just 1, then you can make a variable in Stazione, and set it to the return value of the ‘Create Widget’ node, and then inside of your light, do ‘Get All Actors of Class’, and then from the array do a ‘Get’ for index 0, and then you can get that variable, and remove it.

i don’t understand…can you explain it better please?

Have you tried Casting to it? Or implementing a BPI?