How big is TOO big for an open world on a simple dedicated server?

In my digging i’ve seen that you can use world composition with a dedicated server as long as you turn off “world origin shifting”… I’m cool with that… and I only wanna have roughly 12-24 players on a server at once. About 8km x 8km size map… target hardware, xbox and pc…

is this unrealistic?
someone help me lol

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It’s unrealistic with blueprints, its unrealistic without an experienced team.

Technically, you should be OK with 5km x 5km map. Beyond that, things go downhill due to floating point errors.

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Have a look at this very post:

cool man… i should be able to adapt that to my project… I really wanna keep it simple but also be able to create… thanks for your input!

replication graph should help with that i hope

Well yes. using world composition and stuff you can keep your game at good rates. how you optimize the game is the real thing. also creating a open world map solo wont be easy.

also 5kmx5km is not a limit. there are games out there with map size about 40km2 and even 100 km2 +. one of the games that i really like is ark. but the game has a development team and obviously a experienced team behind. i would not recommend going too big and anywhere as close to this. just create a area that you can actually work on.

Thank you for the feedback everyone.