How big is the marketplace for UE4 and Unity etc?


I was thinking about the game business and how big the Unreal’s marketplace is for selling content. Is it reasonable to sell artwork in these markets or do you need 100s of reviews first? That only a select few can sell? Does anyone know this? For example if I were to design a 3d platformer pack of 10 models and upload it on the marketplace, can I expect any sale at all? If the quality is decent. Is the market popular and used frequently? Some people make great sales, but is it dependent on other forces like insanely good art or a huge backing of people who review that product? What are your thoughts?

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The UE4 marketplace is smaller than Unity, but it’s also younger so that’s to be expected. The issue currently is that the marketplace team is very slow to respond, so getting something submitted to the marketplace is very slow. Hopefully they’re working on improving that.

If the quality is good, it will sell no matter where you sell it to.

There’s also a difference in content. Unity’s marketplace for example has alot of engine extensions and plugins because the engine is a bit barebones out of the box. You don’t really see that in Unreal because alot of features you’d buy in the Unity store are standard with Unreal. Unity’s slowly changing that though so there might be more focus towards game content in the future.

Im not a seller, but I can give you my experience as a buyer on both marketplaces.

I feel the Unity Asset Store is much bigger than UE4’s Marketplace, so you will get more reach there. However, things are cheaper, on average, because there is also a lot more competition (a lot more sellers there). So pricing-wise, things in the Marketplace are more expensive, yet the quality is also higher (Epic has a higher bar than UT IMO).

What this means is that if you go with Unity, you will have to sell for cheaper, but will see a higher volume vs UE4, you will see less sales but you can charge a higher price. Its also interesting to note that selling MORE cheaper is not always better since it also means you will spend more time on support (lots more emails asking you questions).

It all comes down to what you are looking for. Ofc, you can sell on both :slight_smile:

The marketplace is small enough that your asset will sell if it adds anything new that people want. As mentioned above, the marketplace team is currently very slow to respond. I submitted my last asset about a year ago, and am currently still waiting for the iteration process and seller experience as a whole to improve before selling more assets.

I want to know 2018 report.

Some sellers on Unity Asset Store have made over U$400.000,00 alone.
Creator of that NGUI system back when Unity didn’t have UI system, he was the first to make over $100.000 if I remember right.

Unreal’s Marketplace is still very very small when compared to that.

If you can code must be great.

i can only make 3d models.

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