How big can a content folder be, or is there a limit to how many imported assets you have?

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong section for this kind of question however this is my first time using this community.

I guess I’m interested to know how big a content folder can get or if there is a limit. If there is no limit besides initial loading times to run the engine, is there any draw back to having say for example 2000 materials imported vs 200? If they are simply sitting in a content folder would it affect my use of the program or is it just initial load times?

I do realize that it would most likely affect the end package size however its not for commercial use so the completed size once the project is finished is no issue. I just don’t want to place a bunch of stuff in the content browser only to have it slow to a crawl when trying to use it.

Thanks so much in advance, I havnt had any luck on this subject just browsing google.