How best do I fit in new animations to my AnimGraph?

I’m pretty new to animations and trying to get a better understanding of how I’m supposed to use this system!

I’m building a character using the Epic Animation Starter Pack, and following some of the tutorials. Currently I have a state machine called Locomotion which blends between various movement animations:

However, on top of this, I want other animation abilities as well. I want a firing animation blended in, a reload animation, a death, etc, as well as anim offsets for pitching up and down. This is my current AnimGraph:

Generally everything works okay. The hands dont line up with my gun on some frames, but otherwise it’s acceptable for now. I’ve got the locomotion blending with the Anim Montage I made for playing the fire_rifle_ironsights animation at the top, and that additive blends with one of the Blend Spaces representing the aim up/aim down motion. This allows me to walk around, aiming any direction, and firing with recoil in any direction.

However I don’t quite understand where to go from here to add new animations? For instance right now I want to add a death animation. I created a death montage, gave it a “Death” slot, but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to blend it in so that it works with the rest of them. And once I get this, I’d like a reload animation, or a hit animation, etc. Just less about “how 2 make death animation pls” and more, what is the procedure for adding new animations? Do I need to just build a whole set of IsDying, or IsHit, IsReloading, and use a Blend by Bool? Or is there some more elegant way