How bad of a method for top-down aiming is this?

Hey all, I’m working on a top-down game, and my current aiming system, even though it works, seems REALLY hacky and inelegant.

First, I tried using what 80% of the internet suggests: Hit traces for visibility, and then setting the player’s rotation in the controller blueprint. At first it worked decently, but it came with quite a few issues. The character would never aim accurately in the direction, scenery would get in the way; it’s a long story. So then I tried creating a custom channel and only applying it to the ground to sort of counter this. It worked a bit better, but that also had quite a few issues.

SO THEN what I ended up doing (feel free to laugh) is creating a massive box collision along with a new visibility channel and attaching that to the pawn. That way it moves with the player and is always at the same level, and I don’t have to worry about overlapping/blocking objects or anything like that. Then when I tested out multiplayer it was a bit messed up because the player would aim at the other player’s aimbox, so I ended up creating a blueprint with just the box that doesn’t replicate, and spawning and attaching it to the character blueprint in the beginning of the game. Laugh all you want, but it works pretty well. I was just wondering how bad of a method this is in your opinion?