How are you suposed to debub, a networking game

So in UE3 you used to use batch files one for the server and another for the client , what about here ?

What’s the equivalent of log ?

I might need a little more detail. Unreal Networking is very much the same as it was in UE3 as far as commandline and console arguments. You can still specify <mymap>?listen on the commandline or open <mymap>?listen from the console. Connecting with a client is just or open (localhost for example). Logs are in the \Saved\Logs\ directory structure.

If you are asking about log suppression there is a whole new way to do that. Type log in the console window to get an array of commandline and console options for suppressing/unsuppressing now.

Typically it will be log <logcategory> <fatal/error/warning/display/log/verbose/veryverbose> to change a verbosity level. log <logcategory> with switch between on/off for a given category.

Hope that helps.

A cool thing, is that you no longer need batch files, you can launch multipayer games from inside the level editor, wich opens several Play in Editor windows, automatically. I use debug sph-eres ( TIL S p he res are banned), lines, and simple text logs to check multiplayer.

Thanks for the information will try that stuff.