How are you naming your patches?

The title may sound strange but after I figured out how to patch without having the second patch containing the first patch too I encountered another problem.
I named my patches like the version but without dots (051 for 0.5.1, 0510 for 0.5.10) but now the 0.5.2 update for example is loaded after the 0.5.10 and overwrites some changes.

So my question is how are you handling the patch names? A logical system is helpful when having a large number of patches I think.

I hope I have not overlooked similar questions

Nevermind I can just put a zero in front of the 1,2,3 and so on.

Have a nice day

Take a look at

I knew that and use it, my problem was that the Unreal Engine loaded the patches in the wrong order because X.10 is technically before X.2 but I fixed it with adding a 0 so it is X.02.
If this would not have worked I wondered how people name their patches when they have more than 9 and want them to be loaded in the right order.