How are we supposed to retain variables across saves

So I did a little test to find out how / if variables are saved across server restarts. I created a structure that had two multi-use entries, one increasing the int Counter on a StatusComponent and one increasing an int Counter on the actor itself.
After saving / restarting, both variables were reset to their initial value, which leaves me stumped how I can retain any sort of data across a save.


Before Save / Restart:
After Save / Restart:

Setting the “SaveGame” flag in the variable settings:

welp thats embarassing. I don’t know how i missed it.

Trust me, it’s impossible to always see everything that’s in the DevKit. Those arrows, which hide “advanced” options, and constantly having to remember that a lot of things are hidden behind context sensitive(even when they should actually be in context sensitive for certain and obvious reasons) can be a lot to sift through.


Well, it may have been a simple solution, but it was good you posted this because now we can all see the answer, and I’m sure other people were wondering the same thing, like me.