How are we supposed to make a night sky in UE5?

With the new sky system no longer using a sky sphere how are we supposed to get stars in our scenes? (Yes, I could still add one and blend it in and out, but that feels like a step back.).
Does epic plan to add a star option to the “sky atmosphere” at any point?
I’m hoping I’ve just missed something, but if not, does anyone have any interesting workarounds?

Hey there @Estrange! So you’d have to add stars to the new system, as most do. However if you did prefer the old system it’s actually still in the engine!

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Tutorial to pull out the original system:

Tutorial to integrate your own night sky:

Hope this helps!

Is there a way to do it without using a sky sphere?

It would be decently more complex to try to pull this off using the special Sky Atmosphere that’s been added, so there’s not really any resources for something like it as of now. I took a look at the component itself to see if there was a direction towards it’s material but it’s all generated.