How are the small rocks on the ground being generated?

Hi everyone, im currently researching all of the graphical effects used in breath of the wild, and im trying to figure out how the rocks in this screenshot are being generated.

^Image is too big to show on the forums apparently.

Anyway, I thought it may have been tessellation at first, but now im thinking some kind of shader is handeling them, like the grass, because I noticed the draw distances for these rocks is very short. Like 3-4 foot radius at most.

What do you guys think?

In the UE4, you either place them with the foliage tool and a very low culling distance or with the procedual foliage spawner or with the foliage node in your landscape material. :slight_smile:

What Fighter5347 said.

That’s one restless cricket.

lol thanks for the input guys! Much appreciated!