How are the mod kits made? Such as the ARK Dev Kit and Conan Exiles Kit?

Does anyone have any idea how to “lock down” assets like in these mod kits? Uploading to steam workshop is very simple using steamworks api. However, locking down the engine code is far more difficult.

I’m not aware of any official documentation on this. Every game that has a mod kit out there must have figured it out themselves or with access to UDN…

Since a mod kit is basically a custom installed build of the editor, you can just rip out any functionality you don’t want it to have.

i agree with zeblote

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

They team up with Epic to compile and distribute a custom version of UE4 Editor tied up to the game (like older versions of Unreal where the engine was the game itself).

Thanks Bruno. I appreciate this information.