How are pre-computed visibility volumes are processed by UE4?

Just been digging in the source code a little for UE4 in the areas surrounding pre-computed visibility volumes. From what I can see in the source files, the volumes themselves simply inherit from the actor volume. I can’t seem to find anywhere (anywhere obvious to me anyway, although I’m definitely not the best code digger around) in the code where the pre-computed visibility is actually calculated/processed. Would anyone know where I should be looking for information on the code behind the actual workings of these volumes?

This came about because I wanted to inherit from the pre-computed visibility override volume to cull all objects excluding a specific set of actors that I would select. Of course if there is an inbuilt way of doing this I’d be happy to hear that too… When I inherited from the volume, I found that there wasn’t much I could do in terms of changing any functionality or making any functionality of my own.

Thanks for your time