How are EUR prices computed from USD prices?

So I logged on the Marketplace to notice that Euro prices for content have increased incredibly compared to a month ago. A few examples:

$40 = €35 -> $40 = €46
$55 = €49 -> $55 = €63
$10 = €7 -> $10 = €11

I verified for these examples that the dollar price has stayed the same and I know their previous Euro price from receipts. I know that the Euro has dropped in value, but I don’t believe its so much to cause this change. Does anyone know more about this, like what conversion rate Epic uses?

This is because the currencies are almost level pegging at the moment …

It is now almost 1 USD per Euro … so the prices should practically be equal.

Check the 1Y button and you will see what is happening … it is that bad or good … depends on location and preferred currency. 8-}

Wow. I am very surprised in the value of the EURO. What happened? I totally missed this?

Nothing happend, and thats the problem :wink:

Thanks for the info qdelpeche, **** that is worrisome for the EU.

I just realized something else, were EUR prices before shown excl VAT and now shown including VAT? That would explain why the displayed price changed so much (>20% which can’t just be the exch rate).

NisshokuZK is correct. The difference in price is due to VAT being included in the cost.

Thanks Jon!

i am in Australia and i need to add 30% onto the prices in marketplace. i wish there was an option the show the local currency, hint hint nudge nudge to epic :slight_smile: