How are Blueprintd made?


I want to create a visual scripting editor myself and it should look a bit like Blueprints.
So, I wondered how they are made. OpenGL? Vulcan? Anything else?
My problem is, that I don’t know how to make the Graph Editor. I looked to Qt and with it, it should be possible, but I think, it would not look very nice.
If anyone knows how the Blueprints are made or can give me some recommendations, how I could start, I can’t wait to know it :slight_smile:
Thanks for answers!


The only thing realistically that I can say on the subject is that if you think they’re made with OpenGL, Vulkan or Qt, they’re a bit out of your league. Perhaps start with some UE4 C++ /Slate tutorials?

But how this could help me? I can watch docs and tutorials about UE4 C++ & Slite but this is not what I want.
I want to make a standalone visual scripting editor that looks a bit like BPs but does other things.

You could always download the UE4 source?