How am I supposed to learn? Frustration overload...

Hello, so I am new to UE4 and I’m trying to get some materials to learn from but the learning materials in here are beyond frustration for me.

I have gone through the very basic tutorials in UE4, then I tried reading the tutorials in the documentation, as well as watching some of the C++ videos from the live streams.
First of all, I feel like the written tutorials in the documentation are all over the place. I try to go through them one-by-one, reaching the second tutorial: “Components and Collisions”, that tutorial says I should learn “Player Input and Pawns” first, so I jump into that one. Now the “Player Input and Pawns” tutorial says I should learn “Components and Collisions” first… okay. I’m slightly confused but I give it a shot anyway. As I’m progressing through the tutorial. The first couple of lines of code that are supposed to be in MyPawn.cpp give an error and don’t compile.

Then I tried following the C++ Tanks vs Zombies livestream but I encountered a similar problem. It gives errors even when I copy the code exactly. I’ve spent two days on this now and I feel like I’m not learning anything and just get stuck constantly.

I guess the issues are that the tutorials are made for older versions of UE and the methods are new now. How can I find something relevant that actually works? I’d love to learn how to work with UE but I don’t know how…

If you can afford it the c++ course on udemy is a good resource to help you get started .

Also the shooter game is pretty well coded . Most people learn by recreating the systems in this and studying the source code .

Other than that Google and youtube will be your best friend for a long time .

This guy does some really good tutorials…mun4peN2IPgcKg

And also this guy has a whole blog just on c++

Just try to start with basics , learn the engine , learn the framework, learn about what classes inherit from which classes etc etc .

Then Try to do something and work your way up take baby steps and eventually it will start to get easier .

Just read everyrhing and anything you can even when I’m not at my computer I have my head in a programming book, or website

There is also the discord group unreal slackers
Where you will find me and hundreds others with specially dedicated channels for game dev

Don’t just copy code, try to understand what it’s doing. The errors you are getting are likely due to missing includes as that system was heavily changed and many tutorials haven’t been updated correctly. Learn to include what you use (IWYU), search on the forums and you’ll find tons of info on how to fix those issue.

hi @BenKorady To be honest is just dump for people who try to understand unreal engine without any background, my suggestion is study c++ first, see whats the meaning of every concept, (class, variables, method, overrides, inheritance, polymorphis, delegates, singletons, pointers, references, etc,) then practice for while, and after all that then people can start by doing some basic examples,

You must think about coding like a new language, because actually it is, is like if you want learn french or japanese, naturally you cannot speak without understand basic rules, verbs, conjugations, preset, past, future, etc.

I’m sort of in the same category as you, I only started using UE4 like 6 months ago. I used Unity before and I’ll admit, UE4 is way harder to learn than Unity. Unity is pretty easy IMO. You definitely need to be fluent in C++ before even thinking of doing anything in Unreal. The way I started was going through the tutorials on the Unreal youtube channel. I started off with blueprints tutorials (even though I know C++) and made a few games with it (even a multiplayer game). You might not have to do blueprints first but it really helps a lot to get used to the editor and all its functions/classes. Then for C++, go through the battery collector tutorial. Also I am going through this book called Unreal Engine 4 Scripting with C++ Cookbook. It has 12 chapters and most of it is stuff that you will be using all the time. You’ll eventually get the important functions like CreateDefaultSubobject, ConstructorHelper::FObjectFinder, UPROPERTYs and UFUNCTIONs, Ticks, BeginPlays, UINTERFACE, GameplayStatics, etc ingrained in your head. Then from there, I think you should be fine. Do a google search or documentation whenever you’re stuck.

If you’re ever doing online multiplayer, there is a huge learning curve you have to go through before coding. Go though this network compendium. Also, there is a 6 part network replication tutorial somewhere on the Unreal channel. It helps understand the concepts a lot.

Very, very useful.

I think the best way to get started (after reviewing at least some basic tutorials to learn your way around the editor, etc) is to just pick a simple game idea (and I mean very simple), and just see it through. You will get frustrated, you will want to break stuff, but you will learn a great deal from each problem you run into and need to solve. Just tackle each problem one at a time, **not **trying to get everything perfect and complete right from the start. Start with the first step: make something appear on the screen. then the next step: do something with that thing on the screen. You’ll need to stop frequently to research "how to"s, but don’t be discouraged, everyone does this. Just keep focused.

Unreal is a beast, but once you learn to ride the dragon…