How am i supposed to know where is the problem with this kind of log ?

Example :

And when i click on it it just direct me to the folder where the blueprint is in.

It’s a long shot but try unhooking your nodes in the event graph and reconnect them, then recompile.

Long shot.

Thanks, it did the job, how ever i had to guess what node is the problematic.
What good is this log if it gives me an address i can’t use to find it ? Not a big different with a log that looks like : " There is a problem somewhere, start seeking :stuck_out_tongue: "

Awesome, I’m glad that worked!

Yeah agreed, it would be nice to be able to pinpoint the problem more easily.


Mark your Nodes in the Graph you wanna analyze and than copy paste them into nodepad. An example you get here:

Now you can search for that specific node.

Thanks, this is a nice idea, however, it would be very helpful if epic would have the node’s “Internal number name” in it’s details where you can search for it instead of start copying all the graphs if you don’t know where is the problem.

Epic should get it so it highlights the blueprint and then highlight the problematic node in your graph.

I agree, but hey :slight_smile: that was kind of the solution I came up with for the meantime. Its tedious e but I figured since I have heard in one of the first live streams last year about being able to see blueprint in that basic form I figured it also to use to analyze and even adjust sometimes.