How am I supposed to create an Event Reply Structure in UMG?

The UMG Image Widget requires an EventReply return value in the Mouse Down Bind function, but Make EventReply gives me a warning in 4.9:

There’s also warning if I don’t return anything, and the bind function can’t be used if I delete the return node (obviously).

What should I be using to deal with the EventReply?

Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: Nevermind, I should have read the second error message more carefully - There’s a ‘Handled’ and ‘Unhandled’ function that should be returned

Yup, use Unhandled or Handled, (if handled, you can then link more options like Capture Mouse…etc)

For example, I need to handle two events for the same Widget. Those are On Touch Started and On Drag Detected. To use both I need to return “Unhandled” from the On Touch Started. If I return Handled I won’t be able to use Drag and drop operations