How add rotation by inertia for actor after rotate?

Hello everyone, I have the following task:

The task is to simulate the swipe with your finger over the mesh. The player stands in front of the table over
which is a hologram of some object that can be twisted

I did almost everything, it remains to add inertia, after rotation, but I do not know how to do it.

How to add inertia after rotation?

ok, but how get current rotation speed?

and where is Angular Dumping?

Try adding an Angular Impulse after Set Rotation depending on current rotation speed. And set Angular Dumping value to something higher than the default one.

You can find Angular Dumping in the component details on the right side of your window when the component is selected.

As for Current Speed, well, that depends on how you rotate the object in the first place. For example, I see that you use InputAxis, so you can use that, multiplied by the same 100, and feed the value that you get to Add Angular Impulse Z (Yaw). But you only have to DO it ONCE, I’d say after the False output of your Branch that checks the Can Rotate bool, and reset the Do Once node when Can Rotate is True.

sorry, but this can not work for me, because Angular Impulse needed that i enable simulate physics, but if i enable physics - all blueprint (as rotation) not work.
What me will do with it?

Yep, that’s right.

You can add a Rotating Movement to your object BP (if it’s not a BP, create one), and add a timeline to control that rotation. Like this:

All you have to do next is set your current rotation speed depending on your input and start the timeline.