How add/remove automaticaly in one Array all variables of one category ?

Obviously, array and variables need to be all of the same data type, for instance TextBlock Object Reference.

The target is save work and time. And avoid excesively big Graph script, showing a spaghetti assault from hundreds of GetTextBlock variables to MakeArray node.

I want just selecting a category for a current or new TextBlock variable, and automaticaly go inside the array after compile. Just delete the variable or change it to other category, and automaticaly removed from array.

Currently, i need to add TextBlock variables of my UI manualy to Graph with Get node, and group them with MakeArray. After this use ForEachLoop to process them, for instance, change font size with SlateFont and SetFont nodes.

But when UI increase to much, and design changes are made continuously, it would be great have a way to automatize array items. If also increase performance, much better.

Thanks !

There are any way to iterate over a Class ? i search one node that find all variables with the same category. Thanks