How access a Directional Lights Source Angle in blueprints

This is hopefully a simple thing that I’m just not understanding.
I’m wanting to set a Directional Lights “Source Angle” property from a blueprint.

This is a small question to a larger scenario of wanting to switch all the directional lights properties from a blueprint with a list of “Directional Lights presets” if you will.

Thanks for any pointers, as I’m still learning my way around Unreal.


@gsanders Apparenly only in C++:

Thanks @ClockworkOcean !

Hey gsanders!
Could you solve this in the end?
I’m having the same problem and dont know what to do.

I found a solution for editor utility widgets (in UE5, not sure if thats possible in 4).
Seems like you can do this for every property.
Sadly no solution for runtime.