How about some news regarding UDK and IOS?


i know this is the UE4 forum but the UDK one is totally dead and i know Epic staff read this one.

any chance of any info regarding this?
is there an update (also with a vehicle fix) in the works?
only a couple or so weeks left and UDK no longer supports IOS at all…


Hey tegleg,

I was just getting the update from Josh Adams and was preparing to post on that thread, which I have now.

To reiterate: “The latest update is that Scaleform and PhysX have been upgraded to 64-bit. All the code is checked in. A new UDK build is coming soon, but a new crash on a couple devices has been found during testing, so we need to fix that before we release the UDK binary.”

I am going to close this thread now, but only so we don’t have two conversations to keep track of. In answer to your other question, this update contains no additional work for vehicles. Feel free to continue the conversation in the original thread: