how about some dropbox support

a few weeks ago I had a wonderful idea and moved my main project to dropbox to use with my laptop (HP) and PC. Well today, I finally got around to trying it out on hp but discovered that there was a few errors.

this made the file unsuable on hp, yet it loads perfectly fine on PC. So my request is dropbox support for easy colaberation between developers or computers. Thanks

Dropbox is NOT suitable for version control. Don’t do it!

No, that’s not a good idea.

My P4V shed a silent tear in the background, when it heard of dropbox as version control. To some degree I agree with it.

I don’t want Dropbox as a version control, as a method of working on my game on the go. I even tried zipping and unzipping and still got the same error. I have no idea what you mean as version control and do not even know why it was brought up as my question clearly stated colaberation between pcs or possibly a team.

I want to use it to go mobile on my laptop and netbook (dell) lots of apps use drop box, I can use it for blender, scrivener, which I write the plot with, and many others. Why can’t I do the same with UE4?

UE4 has more than enough tools for collaboration. You should consider taking a look here.

Realistically, nothing stops using from using DropBox to share project files within a team. I am not sure which support on the engine side you are talking about.

I had similar problems a long time ago. Dropbox locks the files when uploading (when files change), this causes data corruption in UE4. It seems like there’s no check if files are able to be saved when you’re saving for example, saving a map when it’s uploading causes it to get messed up.

If you can change the Dropbox settings to only upload when you want (ie when UE4 isn’t running) things will go better. I use UE4 with crashplan this way.

I was using DropBox for a while.

Putting project in DropBox folder,
Turning DropBox off,
Working on the project,
Close UE4,
Start DropBox to sync the changes,

This worked fine since the project was shared only between 2 people and each of us knew what the other will be working on. If DropBox is running in the background and you launch the project it will corrupt the files.
But absolutely unusable for a team. Perforce is doing well for our team.

ok, I have a profject called Xade Tales I want to use dropbox to build it with 2 or more PCs but when I try to open it on HP then the errors happwn

Maximum-Dev could you tell me more about perforce?